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The Greek City of Gadara was built on a spur overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Yarmuk River. At the bottom of the hill, in the valley of the Yarmuk, on a little peninsula in the river, stood Hamat Gader - the hot springs of Gadara.

In the Roman period the hot springs were renowned for their therapeutic qualities and the second-largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire was built at Hamat Gader. Among the visitors to the baths in ancient times were famous rabbinical figures and prominent Greek philosophers and tutors like Meleager and Philodemus. A synagogue with a beautiful mosaic floor was erected during the Roman Period near the magnificent baths. Gadara and its hot springs were part of the "region of the Decapolis" - an area of Greek cities that Jesus knew well. Here, in the Land of the Gadarenes, and in the region of the Decapolis, Jesus and his disciples traveled many times - healing and teaching.